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    The story of the AGA cooker is one of award-winning innovation and a proud heritage stretching back to 1922.
    The AGA cooker, is part of the AGA Rangemaster group, and is made in Britain at the company's Shropshire foundry in Coalbrookdale, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.
    Today's AGA is made in exactly the same way as it always has been. Quite simply, molten iron is poured into moulds. It's this technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface – each one is unique – and sets the AGA apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.

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    While most cookers are spray painted in minutes, the AGA cooker's multiple protective coats of gleaming vitreous enamel take three days to apply. It's this enamelling that helps ensure the working life of an AGA cooker is measured not in years but in decades.
    Of course, the modern AGA also contains state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality controls and adherence to the latest environmental standards.
    Each part of an AGA cooker – and there are many – is meticulously inspected and colour checked before engineers carry out the final build in the new owner's home.
    It is not unusual for three generations of a family to work side-by-side at the AGA foundry and the passion staff feel for the cooker is second to none. 
    This is British manufacturing as it should be.
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    Click the YouTube video to watch a quick video explaining how an AGA cooker works.
    Check out the AGA YouTube channel for me videos and recipe ideas.
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    Offering a choice of fuel, size and design. You can opt for a conventional flue or power flue Rayburn. Most models are thermostatically controlled to automatically maintain a constant temperature.
    For more than sixty years, Rayburn has been the warm heart of many British homes, leading the field in central heating range cookers. With its iconic design, absolute reliability and flexibility, it's easy to see why the Rayburn has been such an enduring success.

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    The Rayburn Guild is a nationwide network of independent engineers committed to providing a first-class installation and after-sales service.
    As a member of The Rayburn Guild, Martin Melville will help ensure you enjoy the best possible experience when buying your Rayburn. We can then offer a home survey, installation and servicing expertise as well as answer any queries you may have throughout the installation process.
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    Click the YouTube video to watch a quick video explaining how an Rayburn cooker works.
    Check out the Rayburn YouTube channel for me videos and recipe ideas.
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    Martin Melville supply and install Multi-fuel and Wood burning stoves, Gas and Electric fires, chimney systems and fireplaces. There are many more on display at our showroom.

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    Excel - Heat Banks
    Woodburners and wood burning stoves may successfully be utilised with the revolutionary Xcel Heat Banks - put simply, it's a way of providing thermal stores using advanced hot water storage units, providing high flow rates of mains pressure drinkable hot water. Think of it as multi fuel heating.
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    At Martin Melville, we offer a full installation service from start to finish and carry out all minor and major building work ourselves by our qualified HETAS registered engineers.

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